SECHC Pre-Season Coaches Poll, Watchlist Announced

The 2011-12 season is just around the corner as Ole Miss takes on Memphis this weekend. As the season approaches quickly, the South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference is releasing the inaugural pre-season coaches’ poll and players-to-watch list for the upcoming season.

In the first ever conference coaches’ poll, Arkansas and Florida are picked to lead win the divisions this season. Arkansas is two-time defending conference Champions and Florida has reached the title game the last two seasons.

Despite their dominance the last few seasons, neither team received unanimous first-place votes. Both Arkansas and Florida received three first-place votes each.

Coaches were not allowed to vote for their own teams and only voted for their respective divisions.

Alabama and Ole Miss both received a first-place vote in the west rankings. Georgia and Tennessee also received first-place votes in the East.

Alabama and Ole Miss shared a tie for the second spot in the West, both receiving 12 points each. Mississippi State was picked to finish fourth, receiving seven points. Auburn was picked to finish fifth in the west.

In the East, Georgia was picked to finish second, receiving 12 points while Tennessee was third with 10 points. Vanderbilt edged out South Carolina by a point for fourth in the rankings with a total of seven points.

# East Pts # West Pts
1 Florida (3) 15 1 Arkansas (3) 15
2 Georgia (1) 12 2T Alabama (1) 12
3 Tennessee (1) 10 2T Ole Miss (1) 12
4 Vanderbilt 7 4 Miss State 7
5 South Carolina 6 5 Auburn 4

The SECHC also releases the 2011-12 returning players watch list. This list was also picked on by the coaching staffs of the schools.

Forwards School Defensemen School
Mark Wysock Alabama Christian Edge Alabama
Brandon Butler Alabama Easton Oliver Arkansas
Billy Dolan Arkansas Seph Kestner Auburn
Taylor Shea Arkansas Matt Stankowitz Florida
Pete Leone Auburn Brian Swegman Georgia
Trevor Hightower Auburn Seth Palcic Mississippi
Scott Schilson Florida Tim Barclay Miss State
Mike Dutka Florida Kevin Gjetly S Carolina
Peter Kacer Georgia Ryan Prater Tennessee
Cam Navis Georgia David Crowe Vanderbilt
Cody Johnson Mississippi Goalies School
Cody Fullinwider Mississippi Sean Vinson Alabama
RC Martin Miss State Brendan Desjardins Arkansas
Chris Moore Miss State Jake Lewis Florida
Andrew Swint S Carolina Vince DiCarlo Georgia
Scott Andrews Tennessee Alex Kohl Mississippi
Jeong Choe Tennessee Jordan Dunning South Carolina
Matt Kaminsky Vanderbilt Ben Deepan Tennessee
Kyle McCann Vanderbilt Brenden Oliver Vanderbilt