Meet the Recruit — Landyn Howze

Landyn-resizedMeet the Recruits- We will be running a series for our new additions to the club this summer.

Meet Landyn Howze. Landyn is 21 years old and hails from Keller, Texas. He is majoring in Business Management.  Let’s Welcome Landyn to Razorback Hockey!  We asked Landyn some Hockey questions.

Razorback Hockey: How long have you played organized Hockey?
Landyn: I’ve been playing hockey for 17 years, joined my first league team at 4 years old.

Razorback Hockey: What was the name of the last Team you played with?
Landyn: Texas Brahmas of the WSHL.

Razorback Hockey: What position do you play?
Landyn: Right Wing/Center

Razorback Hockey: What are you doing to prepare for the season?
Landyn: I stay on a strict on/off ice workout regiment that keeps me in preparation for the upcoming season.

Razorback Hockey: What is Coach Gallini’s recommendation regarding the part of your game he wants you to work and focus on?
Landyn: I have yet to have a personal player/coach conversation about that yet.

Razorback Hockey: Do you have any personal goals this season?
Landyn: I just want to excel and progress not only as a player but an individual and simply be the best I can be as a student in the classroom and a player on the ice.

Razorback Hockey: What kind of things do you do to prepare for games?
Landyn: I like to stay loose before games. Play sewer ball with the boys and just listen to music. Keep it simple and not over think too much.

Razorback Hockey: What kind of things do you do to unwind after a game?
Landyn: I like to take an ice bath right after a game then get a good meal in me and just relax and let the body heal its self.

Razorback Hockey: Traditionally, hockey players like routine and prepare for games in a ritualistic manner, some are superstitious. Do you follow a routine before a game, are you superstitious, and if so, what are some of your routines and habits?
Landyn: I’d say I’m not very superstitious but I’m very routine. Game days I like to wake up and get a good breakfast in me then go to my morning skate, come home, take a nap, wake up, eat my pre game meal, then head to the rink two hours before game time.

Razorback Hockey: Most players choose a number to wear that has significance to them. Tell us the significance of the number you choose to wear?
Landyn: I choose to wear the number 12 simply because it was the number my dad wore. Ever since I can remember it has been my number and it stuck.

Razorback Hockey: Who are your biggest fans?
Landyn: By far my family, I’m so grateful to have such awesome loving parents that support me in anything I do. I wouldn’t be here without them! Besides family, Bailey Heitman. Hands down the best fan I ever had playing junior hockey.

Razorback Hockey: Do you have a favorite NHL Team? Player?
Landyn: Growing up in Texas how could the Dallas Stars not be my favorite team along with Jamie Benn being my favorite player. Guy is just a complete package forward. Brings physicality, scores, and is a play maker.