Meet the Recruit — Jesse Foskey

Name: Jesse Foskey

Age: 18

Hometown: Southlake, TX

Major: Arts and Sciences

 1.     How long have you played organized Hockey?

I started playing hockey when I was 3 years old in Houston, Texas after  my family relocated to Houston from Michigan in 1999. It just so happened to be the hottest winter Houston had in years, so my mom took me to the nearest hockey rink to cool off and I have been playing hockey ever since.

 2.     What was the name of the last Team you played with?

I was drafted to the Corpus Christi Ice Rays in the NAHL last season and later went to finish the season with the Brahmas Junior A team coached by Jeremey Law. The team played in the WSHL and made it to the Thorne Cup which hasn’t happened in 5 years.

3.     What position do you play?

I started playing defense when I was very young. My mite coach introduced me to this position because I was the only one on my team who could skate backwards, able to read the ice, and was not concerned about stepping in front of moving pucks.  Fourteen years later, I still love playing defense.

4.       What are you doing to prepare for the season? 

During a hockey season it is very hard to gain weight due to all the hours of ice training. All you can do is focus on maintaining your current weight. Therefore, off season I hit the gym hard and eat constantly to make the necessary gains for the upcoming season.

 5.     What is Coach Gallini’s recommendation regarding the part of your game he wants you to work and focus on?  

Coach Gallini and I have not personally talked about his recommendations for me but when we do, I will work hard to achieve the goals he has set for me and hopefully will supersede his expectations.

 6.     Do you have any personal goals this season?

   My goal is to be all I can be, bring all that I can for the good of the team and for the community, and hopefully win a national championship.

7.     What kind of things do you do to prepare for games? 

I like to be with the team mostly and get a good stretch and warm up, listen to music, get dressed, then usually sit in my stall and listen to music and mentally prepare myself so I can focus for the challenge ahead.

8.     What kind of things do you do to unwind after a game?  

I unwind after a game in a traditional way. I usually have a good meal, take an ice bath to refresh my legs, and later rest up for the next game.

9.     Traditionally, hockey players like routine and prepare for games in a ritualistic manner, some are superstitious. Do you follow a routine before a game, are you superstitious, and if so, what are some of your routines and habits? 

I am not a very superstitious person, and my routine is very basic. I try to make sure that I’m hydrated, have a good night rest, and ready both mentally and physically for the game. I also highly value a good pre-game meal in order to say energized throughout the game.

 10.    Most players choose a number to wear that has significance to them. Tell us the significance of the number you choose to wear?

My number is 28 and it is significant to me because I have worn that number since I have started playing hockey, it is the only number I would choose to wear.

11.       Who are your biggest fans?

My biggest fans would have to be my family, who have pushed me my entire life to be and preform to the best of my potential. They have been by my side ever since I first took the ice and they have always supported me and my dreams.

12.      Do you have a favorite NHL Team? Player?

My favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings and my favorite player is Nicklas Lidström.  I grew up watching the Wings from Joe Louis Arena and I have watched Nicklas play ever since I can remember. He is an inspiration for defensemen everywhere and I feel fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to watch his career flourish as I’ve grown up.