What are the Veteran Razorbacks up to this summer?

  1. What plans do you have for the summer?   

I am enrolled in classes here at the university. Other than that, I plan to work at chipotle and also work to stay in shape for the upcoming season.

       2. What are doing to stay in shape during the offseason? 

Anything I have time for. I like to get my strength training in on a daily basis and also play around, whether its soccer, volleyball, or anything else I can do to stay active.

3.   What is Coach Gallini’s recommendation regarding the part of your game he wants you to work and focus on for next season?

He and I talked about improving my work ethic on and off the ice. This is something I have been working on and focusing on since the season ended.

4.   Do you have any personal goals this season for improving your game?

I want to improve my lower body strength and increase my flexibility. This will help my over-all game.

      5.   The team has several games against competition which will be a step up in class, how do you personally approach these games? 

I approach all games the same no matter the situation.

      6.   What kind of things do you do to prepare for games? 

I like to tune everything else out of my life via music. When I step on the ice I truly believe I am the most optimistic and positive person on the ice.

7.   What kind of things do you do to unwind after a game?  

I like to kickback in a social environment with the team. It’s relax-and-reflect time after the game.

      8.   Traditionally, hockey players like routine and prepare for games in a ritualistic manner, some are superstitious. Do you follow a routine before a game, and are you superstitious, and if so, what are some of your routines and habits? 

I am not very superstitious, but I do pray before every period.

      9.   Which player on the Team do you notice that follows a rigid routine?

Ryan Machos has an interesting pre-game routine.

   10.  The Razorbacks are the SEC-West defending conference champions for the past four consecutive seasons. What would it mean to the team to defend the championship this year?

I think winning the SEC championship is expected of us.

    11.   Most players choose a number to wear that has significance to them. Tell us the significance of the number you choose to wear?

The number 1 has no significance to me. What’s on the front of the jersey is what matters.

Spencer Mulgrew