What are the Veteran Ice Hogs up to this Summer?

Chris Green

 What plans do you have for the summer?   This summer I will be in Dallas working and coaching at the local hockey rink as well as doing classes online.

What are you doing to stay in shape during the off season? I am on the ice everyday whether I am coaching or playing men’s league. I also have been in the gym 4 to 5 days a week to stay and shape and gain a little muscle before next season.

What is Coach Gallini’s recommendation regarding the part of your game he wants you to work and focus on for next season? In my post season meeting with Coach Gallini the two things he wanted me to focus on were (1) finding a job away from the puck and avoid being idle, and (2) make the simple play instead of making things too complex.

Do you have any personal goals this season for improving your game? With Easton only playing a half season last year and this year, I have become the oldest defenseman. I want to help push the younger D and be a role model to them. My personal goal is to have the best +/- on the team next season also.

The team has several games against competition which will be a step up in class, how do you personally approach these games?  We approach every game like it is another stepping stone to March. We don’t change anything for certain teams, we are trained a certain way and we approach every game like it is our last regardless of the opponent.

What kind of things do you do to prepare for games?  I tape both sticks when I get to the rink and then I kick the soccer ball around with the boys before off-ice warm ups. After warm ups Vanny, Scheersy and I sit in the stands and listen to music before every game.

What kind of things do you do to unwind after a game?  Go out to eat with the boys and just go back to the apartment and relax.

Traditionally, hockey players like routine and prepare for games in a ritualistic manner, some are superstitious. Do you follow a routine before a game, and are you superstitious, and if so, what are some of your routines and habits?  I always sit in the same spot in the locker room between Mac and Marcel, also I always put my left skate on before my right skate but I tie the right skate first. Before the game I always sit in the stands with Vanny and Scheersy and listen to music.

Which player on the Team do you notice that follows a rigid routine? Everyone has their own weird routines, but Vanny doesn’t put on any gear until exactly 15 minutes before every game and Fonzy unties and reties his skates during every intermission. 

The Razorbacks are the SEC-West defending conference champions for the past four consecutive seasons. What would it mean to the team to defend the championship this year? It would mean a lot, four years is an achievement but 5 years is a milestone.

Most players choose a number to wear that has significance to them. Tell us the significance of the number you choose to wear? I was actually number 21 my entire life growing up, but when I played juniors in Canada my first number was 4 so when I came to college I decided to keep the number 4. Plus number 4 was worn by the greatest D of all time, Bobby Orr.