Saying goodbye–a look back at six seniors

Senior Bio: Alex Kueser

Senior center and captain Alex Kueser was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He started playing hockey at three years old and was a member of the Chesterfield Falcons youth hockey organization. After four years with the Razorbacks, Kueser compiled 80 goals and 79 assists for a total of 159 points in 103 games. Kueser was also named a 2020 ACHA Academic All-American. Talking about his time playing for the Hogs, Kueser said, ”Throughout my time on the team, I made a lot of memories from winning SEC’s, to going undefeated at nationals, and all the good times with the boys.” Kueser and fellow senior Razorback Evan Kerr played together all four years and were inseparable for the final two years. Kerr said about Kueser, “He’s a really hard worker who never runs out of energy. He understands the game really well so he knows where he needs to be all the time and can finish a play if he gets the puck.”

Kueser graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace and a minor in Mathematics. After graduation, Kueser plans to move back to St. Louis and get a job in either aerospace or mechanical engineering and continue playing hockey.

Senior Bio: Chris Stovall

Senior center and assistant captain Chris Stovall. Stovall, who is from Grapevine, Texas, played four years for the Razorbacks, wearing the ‘A’ in both his Junior and Senior years. Over 138 games in a Razorback uniform, Stovall totaled 49 goals and 76 assists for 125 points. Majoring in communications, Stovall hopes to work in sports sales in the future.

Stovall said, “In my experience at Arkansas, I have been extremely fortunate to be a part of this program for 4 years. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Throughout that time I learned many life lessons as well. I want to thank the boys and the coaching staff for letting me be a part of it. They have been right by my side throughout it all. Being a part of this program is something that I take tremendous pride in. And at the end of the day I am proud to say I am an Arkansas Razorback.” Growing up together in Grapevine, TX, fellow Razorback and senior Shaun Foster has shared many memories with Stovall. “He always had such a fiery passion for the game at such a young age. Once we became teammates I saw that passion was still alive and well. Being teammates felt surreal and I’m glad that we both had the opportunity to play hockey again. I am extremely grateful and forever thankful to have a brother like him,” Foster said.

Senior Bio: Evan Kerr

Evan Kerr is a senior right winger from Little Rock, AR who started playing hockey when he was 3 years old. Kerr played on various AAA and AA teams in the south. After graduating high school, Kerr came to the University of Arkansas where he was a part of the hockey team for 5 years. In 117 games in a Razorback jersey, Kerr recorded 83 goals and 92 assists for a total of 175 points. Kerr is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, Kerr plans on moving back to Little Rock to find a job in mechanical engineering.

“Since joining the team, I have made many life-long friendships and memories that will stick with me forever.” Alex Kueser spoke about his fellow linemate saying, “He’s easy to play with and has a strong passion for the game. He’s a very selfless player and makes his teammates better on and off the ice. He’s a good leader and will do whatever it takes to win in all circumstances. He’s one of the smartest players I’ve ever played with.”

Senior Bio: Shaun Foster

Shaun Foster is a senior defenseman from Grapevine, Texas.  Foster majored in management and minored in analytics while playing 3 season for the Razorbacks. Through 96 games as a Razorback, Foster scored 10 goals and had 16 assists while being named an assistant captain his Junior and Senior year. Following graduation, Foster plans to remain in Fayetteville.

Speaking about his time as a Razorback, Foster said, “Having the opportunity to restart my hockey career has been a wonderful experience. I am so thankful for being able to complete my education here at the University of Arkansas while playing hockey for an organization that continues to develop individuals preparing them for anything that the world may throw at them. My first two seasons with the Razorbacks were not glamorous but I still appreciated being able to put on a hockey jersey. I really am going to miss this group of guys a lot.”

A longtime friend, Chris Stovall had great things to say about his fellow senior Razorback. “I’ve been fortunate to know Shaun for over 10 years now. Hockey wise, I don’t think he gets enough credit. You know night it and night out that it’s going to be an uphill battle because he’s going to be in your face making you earn everything and if you do, he’ll bury you. Not really known for his offensive prowess, but he is certainly a huge presence on that blue line that will be sorely missed.

Hockey aside, Shaun is a great human being. He treats everyone with respect and includes everyone in anything he does, especially when it comes to the team. He is a tremendous leader and is one of the most caring people I’ve ever been around. Shaun comes from a great family whom I’ve known for most of my life – some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I had the privilege of playing with his brother Dalton earlier in my career and I’m fortunate I got to play my college years with Shaun.”

Senior Bio: Dominic de la Guardia

Dominic de la Guardia is a senior defenseman from Flower Mound, TX. De la Guardia is graduating with a degree in Supply Chain Management (Logistics and Transportation Concentration) and minoring in Marketing and Enterprise Resource Planning. After graduation, de la Guardia and his dog Bauer will be moving to Chicago where he will be working for Coyote Logistics, a third-party logistics company owned by UPS.

De la Guardia grew up playing for multiple travel hockey organizations in the DFW area, including the Dallas Ice Jets, Texas Attack, and Texas Tornado. He then played 4 years of junior hockey before coming to the University of Arkansas. A strong stay-at-home defenseman in his four seasons as a Razorback, he recorded 4 goals and 13 assists in 103 games. “What I’ll miss the most about playing for the U of A is just being with the boys on and off the ice.” Former Razorback and roommate, Cory Delisle, said about de la Guardia, “He likes to travel and enjoys breweries. Also makes an unreal margarita mix.”

Senior Bio: Alex DeGuire

Alex DeGuire is a senior defenseman from Overland Park, Kansas. He started playing hockey in Little Rock, Arkansas when he was 6 years old. In 2008 he moved to Overland Park, KS where he played for Russell Stover and the Kansas City Jets. After playing one year for the Skipjacks Hockey Club in Baltimore, he came to Arkansas and played four seasons for the Razorbacks. Deguire battled through injuries in his first two seasons, however he managed to record 12 goals and 22 assists in 113 games. A major in Criminology and Sociology, after graduation DeGuire plans on pursuing a career in law enforcement in the Kansas City area.

“I’ve made a lot of good memories and met a lot of amazing people,” DeGuire said about his time in Fayetteville. Former teammate of DeGuire’s, Corey Rees said about him, “I loved playing with Degs, definitely one of the greatest guys I’ve ever played with. He was a band-aid, but when he wasn’t injured, he was fun to watch.”