Meet the recruit — Jacob Brown

Welcome to the sixth post in our new series featuring the 2013-14 Razorback hockey recruiting class.  This week we sat down to visit with incoming freshman defenseman Jacob Brown.  Jacob is from Bossier City, Louisiana.  After graduating from high school, he continued his hockey career at the junior level playing for the SpaceCoast Hurricanes.

Razorback Hockey (RH):  Why did you choose the University of Arkansas?

Jacob:  I chose the University of Arkansas because I felt it was the best fit for me academically, socially, and athletically. The University has a beautiful campus and I believe will be the perfect fit for my college experience.

RH:  What inspired you to play hockey?

Jacob: When I was five-years-old, my mom married a semi-professional hockey player. I picked up the game from watching him play, and that inspired me to become a hockey player.

RH:  What is your biggest hockey highlight/memory to date?

Jacob:  When I was fourteen, my team won a national championship. I won MVP of the tournament.  It was a surreal feeling I will never forget.

RH:  What is your most recent team?

Jacob:  I played for the SpaceCoast Hurricanes in Florida.

RH:  What is your favorite part of the sport?

Jacob:  My favorite part of playing hockey is having a family outside of your family. Being able to wake up, play the game you love, with twenty-five brothers fighting beside you day in and day out is a bond not many can understand.

RH:  Describe what you think is the strongest part of your game.

Jacob:   I believe the strongest parts of my game are being a play-maker, making things happen all around the ice, and I believe I have a finisher’s touch around the net.

RH:  Tell us about your family — your parents? Your siblings?

Jacob:  My mom and dad divorced when I was five, but I’m blessed to say I have a stepfather who I consider to be a second dad.  “Step” is a very loose term with me.  I have a sixteen-year-old brother and an eight-year-old half brother.

RH:  What are your academic interests?

Jacob:  I want to major in Kinesiology and ultimately get into physical therapy school.  I want to open a private practice for sports-specific injuries in Physical Therapy.