Locker room plans move forward

LR Pic 1The University of Arkansas Men’s Ice Hockey Club is pleased to report its progress on the program’s locker room project.  As longtime fans know, the project is years in the making.  The program’s hope for its own space became a reality on September 4, 2013, when the Jones Center for Families entered into an agreement with the University granting to the program exclusive use of a large unfinished space at the end of the players’ tunnel inside the rink.

Since 2013, the program has worked diligently to raise funds for what is by far the program’s biggest LR Pic 3financial undertaking.  Through the incredible generosity of its substantial fan-base, the team has raised nearly $30,000 on its way to a total goal of $45,000.  To date, that $30,000 has facilitated the purchase of or improvement to demolition, masonry, flooring, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and steel.  (Want to look inside the now completed plans for the ventilation system?  Click here.)

LR Pic 4So what’s left?  As the team moves into what is hopefully its last fundraising phase, the final needed $15,000 will help acquire player seating (check out the player stalls here), finalize entry door reconstruction, and custom paint. We would ask that you consider making a contribution to the last stage of our program’s historic project by following these instructions:

  • ONLINE: (instructions: under the top section “Designation”, pick “Other department, program or fund” and enter “UREC Ice Hockey Locker Room” in the dropdown box).
  • MAIL:  If you prefer to mail a check, please make it out to University of Arkansas Men’s Ice Hockey and write “Lockerroom fund” in the memo line.  You can then drop it in the mail to this address — Erin Brown, Univ. of Arkansas, 214 Graduate Education Building, Fayetteville, AR 72701.

LR Pic 6Your donation, no matter how small, matters.  And it matters more than ever as this coming season we begin Division I play in the WCHL–the most competitive conference in the ACHA–while seeking to maintain our success in the SECHC by fielding a second team.

The University of Arkansas was the first ever SEC school to field a Division I team and is the only SEC school fielding two hockey teams.  Your support helps us put a high quality product on the ice while simultaneously allowing us to work toward creating more history.