Donate To The SECHC All-Star Team

The SECHC has accepted the challenge from the ACHA to participate in the ACHA D3 All-Star Challenge March 30th – April 1st:

In order to offset the cost to individual players and the SECHC, we are asking for donations to help fund the cost of airfare to Philadelphia and for lodging, uniforms and transportation upon arrival.

Your $10 donation, or more will be greatly appreciated! We will be happy to send you the new SECHC logo patch that the players will wear on their All-Star jerseys. This cloth patch can also be easily sewn on hats, jackets, polo shirts, etc. Every donor will have their name included on the “Friends of the SECHC” donor page that will be established soon.

To make a donation, click on the donate button below or send a check to the address listed below.

All checks should be mailed to:

Sarge Day
Commissioner, SECHC
3640 South Fulton Ave
Suite # 1516
Atlanta, GA 30354

Please make sure to include your return address in order for us to mail your patch or patches.

We will be happy to talk to you if your business is interested in a larger donation. We are looking for a major sponsor for the team’s jerseys.